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PROGRAM — Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program

Our daughter Aliyah, who is very kind, caring and is the friendliest kid I know, has some speech delays.

Aliyah had severe speech delay and she began preschool in a public school in our area. They were supposed to give her speech therapy but they cut the school hours to three hours a day. Therefore she was only receiving speech therapy 10 minutes a day. She was also adopting bad behaviors. She was always scared, anxious, and crying a lot. It was very stressful and sad to see her that way.

I was very disappointed in the public school system as they were not able to help my daughter. Then we learned about ESA, and our life changed forever.

Aliyah started to receive the services she needed and still does. She started to thrive academically and is now speaking and even reading. All thanks to ESA and the wonderful teachers and tutors she has. Aliyah was attending a private school where she was able to learn and grow and receive the services she needs. Unfortunately, with school shutdowns due to Covid 19, we were basically forced to learn from home. Thankfully, we have ESA! And with ESA we can continue education through homeschooling and other services.

ESA has truly been a blessing in my daughter’s life. I am so thankful and glad we have that choice, and that our daughter can be at a safe and loving place where she can learn and thrive.

I believe every family should be able to have the same choice we have with our Aliyah. To choose where their children should grow and learn. Because not all families and children are the same. Every child has different needs, even within the same family. One child may need homeschooling and the other may need to attend a private school where they receive the services they truly need and deserve. The public school system will not always accommodate to every child’s needs. Therefore every family should be able to choose the right school or type of education for their children.


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