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Governor Stitt Puts Families and Students First During COVID Crisis

The American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, praises Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt for his visionary plan to use federal COVID funding for education needs.
Statement from Jennifer Carter, Oklahoma Senior Advisor for the American Federation for Children regarding Governor Stitt’s announcement today on the use of the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Funds (GEER) for students:
“Governor Stitt’s plan is among the most innovative in the nation, and places Oklahoma as a true leader in education and serving children. This plan increases education choice for all children in all schools across Oklahoma. It will aid homeless children. It will help teens struggling with addiction. It will allow rural schools to increase course offerings. It will close the digital divide for low-income families. It will stabilize private schools and prevent a mass exodus to traditional schools that cannot financially handle a huge infusion of new students. The governor’s plan will improve education across the board, for all students and provide Oklahoma families that most precious of gifts: hope for a better future for their children.”
Statement from J.D. Fennell, Executive Director of Mission Academy High School, which helps reclaim teens from substance abuse and addiction by providing a sober high school and recovery support:
“Our work at Mission Academy combines addiction recovery and education, and it literally saves lives. The scholarships the governor is providing will help our students continue on the path of sobriety while continuing their education, rather than being placed back in the school environments where their struggles first began and their very lives are at stake with temptations around every corner. The families we serve greatly appreciate the Governor Stitt’s leadership and support.”
Read Governor Stitt’s release here:


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