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PROGRAM — Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program

I am Wade’s dad, Ryan. My son is very alert and enjoys interacting with people. He likes music, books, TV, and going out. His disease makes it seem that he can’t do a lot, but he lives a full life. He is very intelligent and loves using his eye gaze computer to communicate.

We chose to homeschool Wade because it keeps him safe from getting sick since he has spent so much time in the hospital previously. We can choose when he is around kids when it isn’t cold and flu season. I like being my son’s teacher, keeping him safe but educated, and being able to choose what he learns. These things are important for his health and well-being. He’s doing well and showing improvement in school. He’s also not been sick staying home.

The ESA and homeschooling have made the schedule flexible with doctor appointments and things our son requires. He can get a good education and not miss lessons as we plan school around his appointments. Using ESA allows us the financial freedom to have an educator involved and choose curriculum but also have the ability to teach at home.

I think other families should have the opportunity to receive the scholarship and be able to choose how to educate their children because every family should choose what is best for their family. Having the funds for education helps families educate their children on their terms. They could choose a curriculum that is best for their family. School choice gives you the ability to make your own schedule, to choose a curriculum, and give your child a great education.

“School choice gives you the ability to make your own schedule, to choose curriculum, and give your child a great education.”

School choice means having the freedom to choose how and when my child is educated. It lets us make the decisions of what is best and safest for him while he learns. It means choosing what he is learning and still allows educators to be involved in his education. It allows individuality to education.


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