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When I was in elementary school until fifth grade, I was enrolled in the county school system. It was not bad by any means, the school was just not challenging. I really didn’t have to put in any work to get good grades or pass my classes. I was just bored in class all the time. It was not the kind of bored where you’re just like, “oh it’s school”, it was the kind of bored where no effort was necessary.

When my parents found out that Pinnacle Classical Academy was opening in 2013 we sat down together and made the decision to send me there. Pinnacle was advertised as a school where their education would be more challenging and geared towards getting students ready for college. When I was in elementary school I was really driven to learn, but that drive and ambition just wasn’t being fostered. It was something I did on my own. In contrast, when I moved to Pinnacle the school had a much more active role in making me want to learn and do better in school.

I was really attracted to Pinnacle because of its mission to provide a college preparatory education. It has always been a dream of mine and my parents both to attend a four-year college or university. Continuing in my assigned public school probably would have still allowed that dream to become a reality. However, I definitely think that Pinnacle made my dream much more achievable.

Pinnacle has not just helped me academically; they have helped me form good relationships as well. I have met some of the nicest and most helpful teachers at Pinnacle. They have had such a big impact on my personal development and skills. They have a vested interest in the students and their education. So, it’s not just the students putting in work, it’s the teachers making effort to help their students learn.

Then there are the students. At Pinnacle we have much smaller classroom sizes which helped to create a very tight-knit student community. Having smaller class sizes is definitely a benefit. We all know each other pretty well. Even if we did not know each other at first, we’ve all definitely become friends over the years. I personally think that will help to form much more long-lasting connections since we’re all going to different places and different colleges.

After graduating from Pinnacle, I can definitely say that I feel that the choice to go here was worth it. Transitioning to a new school is never easy, especially when it is one that’s only just opened. I studied hard and it took a lot of work to achieve what I did.

At Pinnacle there was only one time I can remember where I was not on the AB honor roll. I graduated with some of the highest averages in AP US History II, Civics, and AP Literature. It feels good to get those awards after working so hard. I just graduated and I have college ahead of me. I am thinking about majoring in biology. If it’s possible I am going to see if I can double major in biology and psychophysiology.

“Because I had a choice in where I went, I was much more willing to put forth the effort. “

Being able to choose where I went to school essentially allowed me to control my own motivation. Because I had a choice in where I went, I was much more willing to put forth the effort. I also knew that the school that I chose to attend was also doing its best to support me. I did not feel like I was just being put through a machine.


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