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I’m a fun, outgoing person, but I also like to stay to myself. I came to Bright Futures Academy because I thought it would be a good experience to not be in public school because I don’t like all the drama. I want to actually sit down and learn something. The drama was girls just starting stuff for no reason. You can’t focus in class because someone wants to fight you. Your hair is too long, it was just too much.

Class was just busy. You can’t focus. It was chaos. My grades were pretty good in public school. In math it wasn’t good at first but then I had tutoring and got an A. It’s different between getting good grades and actually learning. You can still have good grades and not know what is really going on, which was happening to me.

I’m doing well at Bright Futures. I’m getting my work done. I actually understand stuff and am taking college courses. I’m learning and getting good grades. It’s important for me to get a good education because my grandma put me in a place that you can learn, so if you don’t learn, then what are you doing?

I feel good because my grandma cares about me. I’m going to do what I have to do to make her proud of me. The transition to Bright Futures wasn’t really hard, but it was interesting. Now, you can praise Jesus and they won’t tell you that you can’t do that. In public school, they told me I couldn’t pray. So I like that I can have a relationship with Jesus while being at school.

Academically, the transition wasn’t too hard from public school. There’s not a lot of people in the classroom, which I like, so I have a relationship with my teachers. They understand me so they know how to work with me in the classroom. I like taking college courses. I passed a test to take the courses and that makes me happy. I’m getting a head start on going to school to be a nurse. When I do go to school, my freshman classes will already be done because of the college courses I’m taking in high school. So I can just focus on my nursing courses.

Coming to this school, being able to have a relationship with Jesus is powerful, and not being judged for that. It’s just good.

School choice to me means picking any school, nobody is forcing you to go to a school you don’t want to attend. You have a choice about where you want to learn.

I have a scholarship to attend Bright Futures. I feel that someone actually cares about education and they’re putting their money into something that they know is good for somebody else, to be able to learn.

I want people to know that you have a choice about what school you can go to, you don’t have to deal with stuff that you don’t want to deal with. You can actually learn. You can choose a school that is good for you, so that you can learn efficiently.

People in my family keep choosing this school because of the environment. Especially if you have a relationship with Jesus. How could you not feel good?


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