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PROGRAM — Georgia Scholarship Tax Credit Program

I started going to Bright Futures because I have cousins who went to the school, and my brother as well. I went to public school and I really didn’t like it because you couldn’t get one-on-one time to learn stuff and there were too many distractions around me. But, when I came to Bright Futures, I got enough time to do our work and there aren’t that many distractions because it’s not a big school.

My experience going to public school in elementary: there was a lot of fighting. Students would stop the teachers from teaching because they were doing something to distract the class. It was all over the place. When I came to Bright Futures, that stuff wasn’t happening.

I enjoy that, at Bright Futures, if you are doing well in school, you get rewarded with trips. In the summer, there are sleepovers and we go out to eat. We get to go to the beach and different trips in the summer. There’s a summer camp to keep kids active and stay out of trouble.

To me, school choice is getting a choice of what school you want to attend. For me, receiving a scholarship to come to Bright Futures gives me a better opportunity to learn.

My cousin found out about this school originally from a flyer. She tried the school out and did great and so I wanted to come too. The thing about this school is that, if you want to give up, they’re not going to let you give up. They’re going to push you to succeed.

Education is important because it helps you get through life. Even when you want to give up, don’t ever give up. Set a limit or goal that you want to achieve and don’t give up. Keep thinking about the people you want to make proud.

Philip and Gayle and Ms. Martinez will actually help us get scholarships to go to college. They helped my cousin too. She graduated from here, went to Georgia Tech and she is about to be a nurse. She is a role model for me and I want to make her proud of me.


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