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PROGRAM — School Tuition Organization

Hannah is an amazing young lady. She is a starting athlete on multiple varsity sports teams. She loves people, is an encourager, and has a heart/passion for the things of God. She is determined, fearless, and is exactly who God created her to be. We are very proud.

PC is founded on the same principles of God which are the core of our family foundation. Teachers possess genuine compassion for the students, and they push them to succeed.  This was NOT the case in the public schools my children attended in the past. We wanted to know they would be safe physically, spiritually, and mentally. PC has always achieved this expectation and then some. Never in a million years would we would have dreamed a teacher would stop mid-class to recognize that a student going through a difficult time in life and the entire class opts to stop and pray together.

The teachers are God-sent, they truly love these students.  I’ve seen many tears from teachers that watched our oldest daughter from preschool to college graduation and now a career in the medical field. Teachers here are called to walk alongside our students through the journey of education, from the start all the way through to a lifelong legendary status as world-changing adults. This is an unheard-of dynamic for education.

Hannah has been through many trials where one of her own teachers mentored her through it with an understanding of the situation, instead of confusion and “self-condemning mindset” that youth deal with today and that “it was all somehow her fault.” One of our oldest’s best friends lost his mom sophomore year to cancer and again, we watched staff step up to the plate to pray and walk him through it.

PC has weekly chapels where students can come and listen to mentors, worship, and hear God’s Word. This is a staple to life for these kids while at school. It’s a staple for the kids who don’t necessarily have parents who know how to deal with life and it comes surging in for their kids. As a double self-employed parent, homeschooling has never been possible. Without school choice, I would be forced to homeschool them.

Hannah has been attending PC since 2008. She has gone through so many phases of her youth years. From the pressures of boys asking for photos to dealing with her friends from other students committing suicide. Our choice in Phoenix Christian has been able to supplement the foundation that we have built for our kids. I don’t believe you get this dynamic in state-mandated schools.

School choice for us has assisted us in keeping our kids out of the typical trouble of today’s youth.  Sports, activities, drama, and more. For many kids this is their way out of the stress, and I’ve seen many fall prey to the effects and to committing suicide.

Coaches are involved, they are praying with the athletes. They are holding them accountable to doing the right things. They are teaching them life skills, not just how to play the game. Pre-game devotionals set their minds on a path to play with integrity and do their best. It’s amazing to watch, something I rarely see elsewhere. I thank God for the opportunity to be able to choose where my children go to school. These are the most influential years of their entire lives. Parents need to be assured their children are safe, spiritually, mentally, and physically while they aren’t in control. School choice provides that. We know who is teaching our kids and what is being taught. This is important.

“We should absolutely have the right to choose where and who is teaching our children outside of our watch daily. “

We absolutely believe that all parents should have a choice where their children attend school. As Americans we have the right to teach our children how to speak, what language to speak, what religion we practice, what culture and/or background we come from, our heritage, and anything else we choose to teach them as their parents. We should absolutely have the right to choose where and who is teaching our children outside of our watch daily. We should have the right to interview schools to make sure what they will be teaching them based on the foundation we have built as a family at home. We should have every right to be selective in the education our children are receiving, just as college students get to choose where they want to attend to further their education as adults.

Having the choice of whether your children thrive or survive through school is extremely important. Getting to know the staff and their backgrounds or foundation before sending your child to learn from them is something that every parent should have the opportunity to do. Educators that can get down on the level of a child and get right into the middle of it to walk them through it is amazing. Being able to feel peace about sending your child to school is something we will never stray from.  It’s possible and should be a choice or right for every single student.

School choice means peace about sending our kids to school. It means knowing the genuine compassion from a teacher won’t be missing where we send our children. School choice means I have control and can take advantage to maximize the options to get our children the best-of-the-best education.


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