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Growing up in New Mexico, I never had the option of school choice. I didn’t realize until I moved to Arizona how amazing school choice is. When I moved to start 6th grade here, the school I went to was not very great, but I did very much benefit from it. The subject I believe I benefited most from, which I hated at that time, was reading. I was finishing a new book every 2 weeks and writing a summary about it. That taught me so much. I had never done something like that in New Mexico.

In seventh grade, I went to a different school, and I learned so much through two of my teachers. One taught me History and English and the other taught me Math and Science. I will never forget my teacher who taught us Math and Science, she was an amazing woman. I wouldn’t have been able to learn so much if it weren’t for school choice. I was blessed with the opportunity to go to schools outside of the city I was living in because of school choice.

“I was blessed with the opportunity to go to schools outside of the city I was living in because of school choice.”

It’s the parent’s child/children who are going to be learning. The parent most likely does not want the teacher teaching just anything. Regardless of income/background, the children should be able to have the same opportunity everyone else’s children have. It’s not fair that the state laws are hindering the children from growing to their full potential by forcing them to stay in the same district of schools. They should have the freedom to choose their school to benefit the children, not hold them back. If Black activists want equal opportunity this should be what they advocate for. They should be asking the democratic-socialists in power to do away with the law that requires children to stay in their location-based school district with only a few options of schools. Especially in low-income areas, it sucks to go to terrible schools with bad influences all around because you have no other option. Children are the future. School choice helps today’s children, no matter if they are rich, middle-class, or poor.


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