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PROGRAM — Opportunity Scholarship Program

By Amoree’s mom, Charlonda

When my son, Amoree, went to kindergarten in the public school system, he entered an atmosphere that was chaotic and unstructured. He was given busy work simply because he could tie his shoes and write his name. I took my concerns to the administration, and they did nothing about it.

At the time, I had the resources to withdraw Amoree from the public schools and enroll him in a private school, where he absolutely flourished. He read at an advanced level and learned cursive.

But life changed, and I could no longer afford a private-school education. That forced me to put Amoree back into the public school system—back to a school far worse than the one he left. It was chronically failing and unsafe. He didn’t have the books he needed, and he was bullied constantly by both students and teachers.

“After getting back into private school, my son became the bubbly person that I knew before.”

He was becoming a person I didn’t recognize. That angered me. By any means necessary, I knew one thing: I had to get him out of the public school system.

That’s when I found the Opportunity Scholarship Program through a Google search. I applied and could hardly believe the good news when accepted.

After getting back into private school, my son became the bubbly person that I knew before. Today, he’s absolutely thriving. In fact, he took the SAT in 8th grade and scored high enough to be admitted to college. That wouldn’t have happened in a public school setting.

Even better, my other son is now also an Opportunity Scholarship recipient.

No parent should have to decide, “Am I going to pay the tuition or am I going to pay the rent?”

The Opportunity Scholarship gave me a choice. And I’m grateful for it.


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