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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

My name is Aleiyah LedetI attend Family Worship Christian Academy and am in the 7th gradeI am very grateful for my scholarship from the Louisiana Scholarship Program to attend Family Worship Christian AcademyI have learned many things since I came to FWCAI have attended this school for 9 years, since Pre-K. My family decided to send me to FWCA because, after my brother came to this school, they realized that it was a school that teaches students really well. 

My scholarship at Family Worship Christian Academy has made a big impact on my lifeIt allowed me to attend FWCA and continue to move up from grade to gradeThe teachers are great at making sure all students understand the lessonsEach year I become smarter and I learn more. My grades have improved every yearI have never failed a grade and I don’t plan to failFWCA has also allowed me to make new friends that I love to hand out wit  

Thank you for giving me a scholarship to attend Family Worship Christian Academy. 


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