School Choice Victories

This has been a historic year for expanding educational opportunity in America. As support for school choice soars, lawmakers are finally listening to families and passing legislation to expand or create new programs to fund students instead of systems. Explore the map below to learn about progress in 2021.


New Programs
Expanded Programs
Improved Programs


Arizona K-12 Budget Boosts School Choice Programs
  • Quicker access into the program for ESA families by modifying the old “100 Day Rule”
  • Allows low-income students attending failing public schools to switch to the ESA program immediately
  • New funding for charter school transportation which will allow more students to get to their charter schools with easier access
  • More dollars for Results Based Funding for high-performing charter schools allowing them to serve more students
  • Increased transparency in Arizona’s Open Enrollment system
  • Adds $1 million to the Lexie’s Law Tuition Tax Credit program serving children with special needs


New Tax Credit Scholarship Program HB 1371 and SB 680
  • SB 680 creates a $2 million tax credit program
  • Students eligible at or below 200% of poverty
  • 100% tax credit for donors
  • Expands the Succeed Scholarship Program eligibility to include the children of active-duty or reserve members of the U.S. military
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Scholarship Expansion and New Education Savings Account Program SB 48 and HB 7045
  • SB48/HB 7045 streamlines Florida’s choice programs and application processes
  • All students with disabilities enrolled in the Family Empowerment Scholarship program will be able to access a customized education
  • Expands household income eligibility as well as increases the number of scholarships available each year so that tens of thousands of more children will have access to educational choices
  • Increases the funded scholarship amounts by aligning the awarded amount with the public school per-student funding levels
  • Need-based scholarships may be used for digital devices and internet access
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Special Needs Voucher Expansion SB 47
  • Senate Bill 47 expands the eligible pool of students for the special needs scholarship program to include those students with a 504 plan AND specific conditions
  • These changes will increase the number of Georgia students eligible for the program by approximately 50,000 or more children
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Invest in Kids Tax Credit Scholarship Program
  • Extended program sunset by one year


Voucher and Tax Credit Scholarship Expansion and New Education Savings Account Program HB 1005
  • Passed as part of the State Biennial Budget
  • Voucher and tax credit eligibility increased to 300% of the amount to qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch
  • All eligible voucher students will now qualify for a 90% (of state funding) scholarship
  • Tax Credit cap increases to $17.5M in FY 22 and $18.5M in FY 23
  • New $10M special needs ESA to be implemented in the 22-23 school year
  • Increases the per student charter and innovation network grant to $1,000 in FY 22 and $1,250 in FY 23
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Tax Credit Scholarship Expansion HB 847
  • Increases the cap on the scholarship program from $15 million to $20 million on January 1, 2022 – the largest ever increase in the scholarship program’s history
  • Tax credit for donations increased from 65% to 75%
  • Doubling of the parental tuition tax credit from $250 to $500 per student
  • Makes homeschool families eligible for the tax credit
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Tax Credit Scholarship Expansion HB 2134
  • Removes the “at-risk” requirement for student eligibility
  • Removes limitation that only elementary schools can receive scholarship students
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New Education Savings Account Program HB 563
  • Creates a $25 million tax credit ESA program
  • Students whose family income is equal to or less than 175% of that required for free or reduced lunch eligible for the program
  • Private school choice would be available to students in counties with a population more than 90,000
  • Kentucky becomes the 28th state in the country with a private school choice program
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Louisiana Scholarship Program Act 420/HB 211 and Act 96/HB 280
  • Expands school choice for families whose students are enrolled in “D” or “F” public schools by allowing them to select an “A”, “B”, or “C” rated school within the district as long as there is capacity for the student
  • Authorizes appeals to Louisiana’s Board of Elementary and Secondary Education by parents of students who are denied enrollment into their public school of choice
  • Revises eligibility criteria for school participation in the Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence Program (Louisiana Scholarship Program)
  • Makes the program more accountable and ensures students receive the highest quality education
  • The Louisiana Scholarship Program currently serves more than 6,100 students in 130 schools


Tax Credit funded ESA HB349
  • Creates a $25 million Education Savings Account program that provides eligible students $6,375 for educational expenses to attend the public, charter, virtual, private or home school of their choice
  • Eligible students include any student who attended public school in the previous year or is entering school for the first time
  • Students with an IEP or a family income below Free and Reduced Price Lunch would be given first preference; children in a family making less than 200% of Free and Reduced-Price Lunch would be given second preference and all other eligible students would come after them
  • The $25 million program is funded by a 100% tax credit


Tax Credit Scholarship and Education Savings Account
  • Increases maximum tax credit donors can receive from $150 to $200,000
  • Program cap increased to $2 million in 2023, with the ability to increase the future cap by 20% per year if donations to the program exceed 80% of the limit


Tax Credit Scholarship Expansion
  • The Opportunity Scholarship Program will be expanded to $22.8 million for the next biennium and a harmful provision preventing children from entering the program was erased

New Hampshire

Education Savings Account
  • The Education Freedom Accounts can be used for tuition, tutoring, online learning, textbooks, and other educational needs
  • Families earning up to 300% of the federal poverty line are eligible for the program
  • The State Department of Education projects the expansion will save the state more than $350 million over the next decade


Ohio Expands Educational Opportunity Through Passage of State Budget
  • EdChoice and Cleveland Scholarships increase to $5,500 per pupil in grades K-8 and $7,500 per pupil in grades 9-12
  • Expands scholarship eligibility to include siblings of current scholarship students, students in foster and kinship care, and students entering 9th grade
  • Increases the value of special needs scholarships
  • Eliminates deductions from districts’ state aid and instead directly funds EdChoice and Cleveland scholarship programs and charter schools
  • Doubles facility funding to brick and mortar charter schools to $500 per pupil
  • Invests $54 million in high-quality charter schools through the Quality Community School Support
  • Creates a $750 state tax credit for individual contributions made to Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGO). Existing or newly formed SGOs may make contributions to tuition accounts for students enrolled at a private school
  • Creates the ACE Education Savings Account program to provide $500 for education expenses for students with income levels below 300% FPL
  • Eliminates geographic restrictions on the location of charter schools, essentially moving to direct funding of scholarship programs and charter schools


Tax Credit Scholarship Expansion SB 1080
  • Increases the amount of tax credits available for private school scholarship program donations from $3.5 million annually to $25 million per year
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Expansion to Tax Credit Scholarship Program
  • The K-12 Educational Improvement Tax Credit program will increase by $40 million making it $175 million in total
  • This expansion will empower an estimated 13,000 additional PA kids with scholarship opportunities, no matter their ZIP codes

South Dakota

Tax Credit Scholarship Expansion SB 175
  • The bill removes the requirement that an eligible student needs to have attended a public school in the prior year or that they be entering Kindergarten, first grade or ninth grade
  • Now any income eligible child in any grade, including one already in private school, is eligible to receive a scholarship
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Individualized Education Account Program SB 127/HB 1271
  • Clarifies that the distribution of funds made to, or on behalf of, students participating in the Individualized Education Account (IEA) program are exempt from state and local taxation

West Virginia

New Education Savings Account Program HB 2013
  • Establishes the Hope Scholarship, which allows students leaving the public school system to use up to $4,600 for private school tuition, homeschooling costs, or other educational expenses
  • This ESA program is available to 90 percent of students in the state
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Broadening Options and Opportunities for Students Today (BOOST) Program HB0588
  • Fully funds the Broadening Options and Opportunities for Students Today (BOOST) Program, increasing program funding from $7.5 million to $10 million.
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