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I am currently getting the best education in my city, thanks to the scholarships and sponsorships I have received so far in my school career. These resources that I’ve received greatly changed my life for the better. Honestly, if it weren’t for the support of others I know I would not be where I am at today.

Unfortunately, drugs and violence are commonplace in my neighborhood. Statistics suggest that I would most likely be forever lost in the streets of where I live, not preparing for graduation.  I live in a place where most families cannot afford to get the best education and are forced to send their children to public schools.

It was hard for my parents to get the money needed for my education; They immigrated to the United States and still weren’t quite used to English and American customs. Despite the challenges and with the help of these scholarships, I have been able to attend Bishop McCort Catholic High School.

My parents and I chose this private school for so many reasons. The staff focuses greatly on each individual students’ education. They are always challenging every single student to be the best they can be. From the principal’s inspiring speeches to the constant care and dedication that the staff shows, Bishop McCort never fails to motivate me and my classmates. The educational and moral aspects of Bishop McCort are simply incomparable to the nearby public schools.

This school has made a tremendous difference in my life. Thanks to this Bishop McCort I have the opportunity to go to college and achieve my life dreams. This school has taught me the importance of education, caring for others, and forming strong relationships with my peers and mentors.

The lessons Bishop McCort taught me and the memories I am currently making here, are ones that I will forever hold close to my heart. When I go to school, I feel cared about; I feel like I matter and I feel the support from my peers and from the staff! Everyone at Bishop McCort believes in your individual abilities and that’s what makes it so special. We truly are one big family! I’m so lucky to wake up every day and know that I go to Bishop McCort Catholic High School.

Every family, regardless of income, should have the chance to send their kids to the best schools possible. Every student deserves the best education possible and every student deserves an equal shot to work towards their life goals.

“It’s stated in the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal; that all men have the equal right to life, liberty, and the opportunity to pursue a life of happiness.Unfortunately, these words aren’t true for so many people in America today. Many people today do not have the same opportunities I have been fortunate enough to receive. They too deserve to have an education that will allow them to pursue a life of happiness and success. In my neighborhood, most families struggle to make ends meet which ultimately leads to kids being given a subpar education. Where is the equality and liberty in that?”

This simply is not fair. There are so many kids and teenagers that I know who have such great dreams and ambitions. Unfortunately, they are kept from achieving them because of financial problems. I know they have the passion, the strength, and the grit to achieve these dreams! But, they simply don’t have the same opportunity that I was given.

I am writing my story in hopes that this injustice changes. I am writing this in hopes that school choice can change the lives of these children. It is my hope that all families and students are given the same chances I am being given now.

These children are the leaders of the future, and it’s up to us today, in the present, to make sure that they have the strongest possible foundations that could help them to change the world. The fate of humanity depends on these leaders of tomorrow. With issues like pollution posing a serious threat to our planet, it’s going to ultimately be up to the next generation to save our home. They are the ones who have the chance to make great strives for our planet and it’s completely up to us to make sure they have the opportunity to make those strives.


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