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Press Release

AFC Stands Ready to Fight Alongside Arizona Families

On Friday, Save Our Schools (SOS) Arizona said it had received the signatures necessary to send Arizona’s ESA expansion to the ballot, the next step in their campaign to yank away choices from Arizona families. The law, which had been set to go into effect on Saturday, is now on hold as state and county officials review the signatures.

The American Federation for Children stands with Arizona families, including the over 10,000 who have already applied for this program, in the ongoing fight to ensure 1.1 million students in Arizona have education freedom.

Statement from Steve Smith, Arizona State Director of the American Federation for Children:

“It is disappointing that Save Our Schools is once again trying so hard to take away educational freedom from over 1.1 million K-12 families in Arizona. The legislation they are attempting to overturn was lawfully passed by the State Legislature and signed by Governor Ducey as a response to the demand of Arizona citizens asking for more education options, especially in the wake of the severe learning loss after the pandemic. Save Our Schools does not have the right to deny the countless families who desperately need these scholarships for their children, and AFC will continue to fight for them.”


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