Walter Blanks: My School Choice Story

My name is Walter Blanks, and I am honored to share my story. Before I begin, I would like to tell a story.

There once was a baby elephant. This particular elephant was taken from his family by cruel circus members where they intended to use him in all of their shows. In order to train this baby elephant to do exactly what they wanted, they would tie him to a wooden post every day. He would sit there, tied up for 23 hours a day with one hour for training. Persistent in trying to break free, this baby elephant tugged and tugged until he had nothing left. Fast forward a few years later, and this 10,000-pound animal is still tied up to that same wooden post.

Now, back to my story.

Growing up was always a struggle for me. I was bullied every single day with no hope of becoming something more than a number. The public school that I was attending was on academic emergency. It was performing very poorly when it came to teaching students. One day, my mother received a call informing her that I may be eligible for a scholarship to attend a private school.

Shortly after attending this school, I flourished! School became fun and exciting to me. I quickly began to make new friends and was a joy to be around. I found my place in this school and began to discover just who Walter really was.

Today, I am in college and on a fast track into the journalism world!

How does this relate to you?

You represent that young elephant. You are young, energetic, brave, and willing to take on the world. You have to be aware of the people, places, and things that may tie you to that wooden post. No matter what anyone tells you, you have to know that you can do it. I encourage and challenge you to see yourself as a mighty individual with no limits to what you can accomplish. You have to be willing to step out in order to find your true strength!

I hope my words have inspired you to go out and make something of the world because what you do now will echo into the future. We are the future, and it will only be as bright as we make it!