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PROGRAM — Milwaukee Choice Program

I experienced both private and public schools. I came to Milwaukee from Chicago as a kid and went into the Milwaukee Public School System. I went to M.L.K elementary school on the east side of Milwaukee. My experiences there were not memorable in a good way.

From what I remember, we did not learn much, but we spent our days roaming the halls coming and going as we pleased. The class sizes were so big that the teachers barely realized when students were missing. The teachers never stopped us or enforced any of the rules that brought structure to a school.

I felt unprepared when my mother finally decided to move my siblings and I to HOPE Christian elementary school. However, my experiences there from sixth grade through high school were some that shaped me into the person I am today.

Things were different from the first day I stepped into HOPE! The expectations were clear, the class sizes were smaller, and overall the environment consisted of getting us engaged in our learning. The teachers were unlike any other teachers I had in the past. They cared and wanted to see us doing better, even if that meant giving us their personal numbers, or even coming to get us for school if need be.

I am in no way downing the public education system, just telling the things I experienced while there. A school voucher allowed me to receive a stellar education and made a pathway for me to have a better future.


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