PROGRAM — Charter School

By Shealynne’s mom, Stacey.

My daughter, Shealynne, attends Jefferson Rise Charter School. I love Jefferson Rise as they have done an amazing job educating her. She is learning a lot and is in honors classes. She is currently going in the 11th grade.

I choose Jefferson Rise School for educational reasons. They make sure all the kids understand lessons being taught. They individually help when the child doesn’t understand. The teachers  are very supportive and the kids have a in great relationship with the teachers. The teachers are always right there when the kids need assistance whether it’s by email or meeting with them directly.

Second, the teachers and staff take every measure to prepare the students for the future. The students are offered college prep classes to help them prepare for college life. The teachers are all well very educated, and they’re very helpful and resourceful. When there’s a problem, the teachers are right on it. They take pride in each and every last one of their students, and they help push the kids to be their best. Everyone is very positive. The faculty and staff goes above and beyond the call of duty for each and every last one of the kids. But, the biggest benefit at Jefferson Rise is that they’re all about education. My daughter had the opportunity to take 11th grade classes while she was in the 10th grade.

I feel that it important for parents to choose the school for their child to attend because some schools focus more on the paycheck and not the teaching the children. I was in that unfortunate situation as a young child, and I feel like education is the most important thing in life. Without a good education you won’t get anywhere in life.


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