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PROGRAM — Opportunity Scholarship Program

Having a scholarship has helped me because without them it would have put a lot more stress on my family financially because of the tuition amount for the school that I attend. The reason I have chosen the school that I am currently attending is that I heard that it was an amazing school that would give me a better education than the other schools in my city. Another reason I chose to go is because of the programs that they offer and how diverse and robust they are.

All families should, regardless of income, be able to choose the right school for their child because money should not be what holds people back. For many children, the schools that are provided to them, the education that they get may not be enough to get them to an adequate standard of living. So every child should be given the same opportunities to succeed. Many children they don’t resonate with the learning environment that they are in witch causes them to learn less effectively.


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