PROGRAM — Charter School

My daughter, Jaylynn, is in special education classes. She is very smart and eager to learn; she excels in her schooling. She’s also enlisted in the Young Marines program for Plaquemines Parish.

I chose for Jaylynn to attend Jefferson Rise Charter School because the curriculum, activities, and the staff at the school. The staff works closely with the students to provide everything that they need to succeed. They are very pleasant to work with during the school year when there are issues that need to be resolved. The staff also go above and beyond to help Jaylynn to understand the things she needs to understand when she is asking for general help or even help with her school work. The staff helps the students that are in special education classes and have special needs to be met.

I feel it is very important for parents to have the freedom to pick the school that their children attend regardless of income because not every student learns the same way or understands what the teachers are teaching. I picked the school that will best help my child so that her needs will be met and she can be successful.


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