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PROGRAM — Milwaukee Choice Program

I am sixteen years old and I will be a junior in high school soon. I am currently involved in track and I love engineering, which will definitely be my future career. I also find space interesting. I enjoy biking and I read a lot of books. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a nerd. 

I attend Pius XI high school in Milwaukee. I’ve always gone to private school, which was a decision my mother made. School choice is a program kids get into when they have financial troubles or they need help paying when it comes to tuition for their child to go to school. School choice is important because there are a lot of good kids out there and you definitely want them to go to good schools and receive a good education, especially because they could do a lot of good later in life. But not everyone is financially capable of paying all of the money required to enroll a child in private school. 

In addition to offering an engineering class, my school is unique because there are several other course offerings in things like dance and literature. And the school offers trips to foreign countries. Right now some students are visiting the UK. For my Spanish class I hope to take the class trip to Spain.

My goal after high school is to get into a good engineering school. My dream school is in London, but I’m also interested in MIT. 


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