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PROGRAM — Private

With help from a scholarship, I am able to attend Marian High School. I chose this school because I wanted to continue my school education in a religious place. I wanted to be able to join some of the clubs and some of the sports. The teams are very competitive and being a competitive person helps improve my skills.

I also chose Marian because of the education. The school is a college preparatory school so they get us ready for college. Some claim that Marian is even more rigorous than some colleges. So, some of the things we may do in college that is new to others will be familiar to us. This has made a difference in my life because I get to continue my religious education in a religious high school where we go to mass and celebrate it as a whole school.

Since Marian is an all girl school, I don’t have to worry about all the boys. I can just come to school and be myself. Even though we started school not so long ago, all the upper class-men are really nice and help you adjust. I feel comfortable and am starting to come out of my shell and enjoy the fun experience of high school


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