PROGRAM — Opportunity Scholarship Program

Our son has been diagnosed with ADHD (combined type) and Dysgraphia. We saw very early on the challenges his different abilities posed. We knew from talking to the doctors and psychologists that he required a hands-on approach for learning in a setting that could provide more one-on-one, individualized instruction and attention. He also required an environment that allowed him to move at his own pace while still challenging him. Additionally, we learned that these different abilities could prove to be obstacles outside of classroom spilling over into more everyday life functions such as focus, organization, goal setting, self esteem and so on.

We weighed all this information and began to look for an option for schooling that could meet his needs. We were unable to find a program that could meet his needs within the Clark County School District public school setting so we looked into private education. It became very clear that Montessori education was the best fit for him. Although we are successful small business owners with higher education degrees from Universities, we were unable to afford private school tuition in Las Vegas but we knew it was the only chance for our son to get the education and opportunities that he needed and deserved.

Luckily, we found out about the Opportunity Scholarships through Montessori Visions Academy. We applied immediately and were approved. We are so grateful. Being able to have the Opportunity Scholarship has allowed our son to get an amazing education, skills for life and a life-long love of learning.


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