Kevin Williams is an eighth grader at Preparatory School of DC. He participates in the DC Scholarship Opportunity Program.

To me, school choice means that I can choose any private school I would like to attend. I need to get a good education and the public schools in my neighborhood are not good at all. Choice is a wonderful opportunity for me being a black male from Washington, DC.

Choice gives me a chance to meet different students from all races and backgrounds. I attended the same private elementary and middle school at Calvary Christian Academy from 2nd grade through 7th grade. Calvary Christian Academy impacted my life by showing me how to have structure, discipline, and how to learn in a small classroom setting. My teachers taught me how to study hard, listen, and have respect.

I met a lot of my friends at my school and we are still friends to this day. Calvary Christian Academy closed in July 2018. I am not an eighth grader at Preparatory School of DC. Some of the students came to my new school and some of my friends did too.

My mother went to Catholic school from the 1st grade to the 12th grade also. She wants the best for me in my life and felt that a private school would best meet my educational needs. The teachers and staff at my school make sure students are not left behind.

Kids should have the opportunity to choose a private school, along with their family, because everyone cannot afford to pay for private school. Public school is not for everyone and I was not learning at my public school from pre-k through first grade.

My mother applied for the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program and I was chosen for a scholarship. Most private schools classroom settings are small and children learn more. I like and appreciate going to a private and I am happy my mother chose these two schools so far. I am ready to graduate and attend a private high school.