Inspire Families and Influence Policy by Sharing Your School Choice Story

Oh, and win $15K while you’re at it!

Let’s start with the basics and the heartwarming stuff.
The Choices in Education Video Contest is your opportunity to share how school choice has impacted your life. It’s your chance to tell families like yours why they should either 1. seek out school choice programs where they live or 2. advocate for school choice programs in their city or state. It’s also your time to brag about yourself and the things you’ve accomplished because you were given the opportunity to have a quality education, an education that you and your family were able to choose. Doing this will inspire other families to believe that it’s possible for their children to find a school where they can thrive. Your story might even help sway a few minds of those who have the power to enact policy that can change lives the same way school choice has changed your life.
While inspiring and influencing are great reasons to take part in this contest, there is also something in it for you. There are precisely 15 thousand somethings in it for you. Contestants will have the opportunity to win cash prizes that include: three Grand Prize Winners of $15,000, three Runners-Up of $5,000, and two People’s Choice Winners of $5,000.
Whatever your reason, being part of the contest is quite simple: Grab your smartphone and share your story!
Visit for entry rules and to submit your video.


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