USA Today: “Teachers unions flunk their midterms” – Kevin P. Chavous

This morning, USA Today published a guest column from Kevin P. Chavous, discussing educational choice – its impact on Election Day and what it means for candidates in 2016. Last Tuesday, we saw teachers unions flunk their midterms and voters across the country voice their support for educational choice. Education, particularly school choice, was at the forefront of high profile races in Wisconsin, Florida and Illinois, and an important issue across the country.

Teachers unions flunked their midterms
Democrats should beware of being on the wrong side of the school choice issue in 2016.
Nov. 10, 2014
By Kevin Chavous

Hidden in the news coverage of the midterm elections looms a bigger problem for my fellow Democrats than just a bad night at the polls: the voters’ wholesale rejection of the party’s most powerful backers: teachers’ unions. Led by the NEA and AFT, the national teachers’ unions boasted of spending $80 million in this election to defeat candidates who support vouchers, teacher accountability and other promising education reforms. They lost. And they lost big.

The aftermath offers a lesson to the Democratic Party — and Hillary Clinton — as they prepare for 2016.

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