Trending Topic: Teacher Appreciation Week

By Kimberly Sawatka
appleEvery adult can recall the name of a teacher who had a profound impact on their lives, and this week offers an opportunity to thank teachers for all that they do. This week is National Teacher Appreciation, which takes place every year as the traditional school year is coming to a close. Many teachers receive gifts from their students or just a hearty thank you from parents and now the trend of thanking a teacher continues to grow on social media.
National Teacher Appreciation Week was born from the National Teacher Appreciation Day, which was declared by Congress in 1980 – honoring teachers as exceptional individuals entrusted with the responsibility of educating America’s youth.
Today, there is no better way to support teachers than to support educational choice options. Empowering parents with the ability to choose their child’s learning environment also allows teachers more potential job options and competitive pay.
Recent polls show that teacher morale is dropping and teachers are leaving the profession faster than ever before. Despite being saluted as heroes, a recent article in the Washington Post describes teachers’ desire for better teaching environments.
According to the Post, “What they [teachers] want, they say, is for their profession to be respected in a way that accepts educators as experts in their field. They want adequate funding for schools, decent pay, valid assessment, job protections and a true voice in policy making.”
This year and every year, give teachers a gift that can truly revolutionize the art of teaching and change the lives of students as well as teachers. Give them a reform that works – educational choice.


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