5 Really Cool Things You Can See and Do on Our New Website

AFC recently launched its shiny, new, and completely revamped website! It has so many cool bells and whistles that we thought it would be great to take our fellow advocates on a tour to see some of the cool, new tools now at your fingertips.

  1. Interactive Map

With 50 private school choice programs in 25 states plus the District of Columbia, it’s safe to say that a lot of children are getting a great education… 430,000 to be exact. But it doesn’t stop there. In addition to private school choice programs, there are also great public charter schools that are offering their students innovative and individualized classroom settings.
Now, with our new Interactive Map, you can easily and quickly find the school choice programs that are available in your state and in other states around the country. See for yourself!

  1. Success Stories

Everything we do, all the focused effort that we put in day in and day out in states across the country and Washington, D.C. all amounts to one thing: making sure that every child has access and resources to attend the school that is best for them.
In our Making a Difference section, we tell some of those stories. Be sure to read some of the personal stories of how school choice has made a difference in the lives of children who were most in need.

  1. Types of School Choice Programs

Although the idea of school choice is quite simple, understanding the programs that support a parent’s ability to select the best school for his or her child can get a little tricky. Because we understand this, we made sure that our new site made it easy for parents to not only understand the options they have but also share that information with other parents.
In the Types of School Choice Programs section, we make understanding easy by segmenting the different types of programs and giving a detailed explanation of how each one works in each applicable state. This section also includes information on Student Eligibility which outlines the requirements that need to be met to participate in the different school choice programs.


  1. Publications

Our team does some amazing work in several states around the country. Their work translates into hundreds of thousands of children having the opportunity to learn in an environment that works best for them. Each year, we highlight the results of this work in various materials.
In the Publications section, you will find easily accessible PDF versions of our materials which include fact sheets, legislative and election impact reports, school choice report cards, and school choice yearbooks. Use these as a resource to get a better understanding of school choice and the progress that has been made and that we continue to make.


  1. Take Action!

You don’t have to be a parent to advocate for school choice! There are several ways that anyone who has a passion for education can take part in ensuring children are receiving the best education possible. Through donations, by contacting your state leadership, or by keeping up with AFC news, you can do your part. Check out our Take Action section to learn more.

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