Texas Voters Elect School Choice Champions in Both Parties

The American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, congratulates the winning candidates who support educational choice on their successes in the Texas General Election. The election results are in line with numerous public polls that have found strong, bipartisan support for school choice.
Statement from Mandy Drogin, Texas State Director for the American Federation for Children:
“In Tuesday’s elections, Texas voters chose to send to Austin legislators from both parties who agree that the schoolchildren of Texas deserve more high quality educational options.”
“Candidates who support educational choice had such great success because they stand on the right side of history in the fight to ensure that every child has an opportunity to attend a great school.  With these victories steady progress is being made toward the day all Texas families, especially lower income families, will have the freedom to choose the best K-12 education for their children.”
The American Federation for Children is pleased to congratulate the following bi-partisan slate of successful candidates supported by the Texas Federation for Children PAC.  All candidates listed below support giving parents more high quality educational options and won their election based upon results posted at the time of this release:
HD 2 – Bryan Slaton
HD 25 – Cody Thane Vasut
HD 26 – Jacey Jetton
HD 66 – Matt Shaheen
HD 92 – Jeff Cason
HD 106 – Jared Patterson
HD 128 – Briscoe Cain
HD 132 – Mike Schofield
HD 138 – Lacey Hull
HD 37 – Alex Dominguez
HD 119 – Liz Campos
HD 142 – Harold Dutton
SD 27 – Eddie Lucio, Jr.


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