Florida appeals court hears case on successful tax credit scholarship program

By Krista Carney

Today a Florida appeals court will hear oral arguments in a lawsuit challenging Florida’s Tax Credit Scholarship program, and clergy members, parents and students are voicing their support for the program and educational choice.

The state teachers’ union along with the Florida NAACP and other allies filed a lawsuit challenging the successful school choice program and seek to deny tens of thousands of Florida students access to a quality education. During a press conference just before the hearing began this afternoon, parents and religious leaders presented a petition signed by over 5,100 supporters urging the NAACP to drop out of the suit.

Today, the court will take a look at whether the teachers’ union and its allies have standing to bring a suit challenging the tax credit scholarship program. This appeal comes after the suit was dismissed last spring because the plaintiffs were found to not have standing.

During the 2015-16 school year, over 77,000 students from low-income families used a scholarship through the program to attend the private school of their choice. The program has been serving students for over 14 years.

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