Students in Nevada Opportunity Tax Credit Scholarship Program See Learning Gains

According to an updated report from the Nevada Department of Education, students in the state’s tax credit scholarship program are experiencing learning gains. Additionally, for the 2018-19 school year, a larger percentage of scholarship program participants are children of color when compared to the state’s public school district enrollment.
Two-thirds of scholarship participants assessed maintained or improved their performance on norm referenced tests after two years in the program. Students who participated in the program for three years saw larger gains.
Statement from Valeria Gurr, Nevada State Director for the American Federation for Children:
“Every day, children in Nevada are benefitting from the Nevada Education Choice Opportunity Scholarship Program. These results show that the longer a scholarship student is enrolled in a school of his or her family’s choice, the better they are likely to perform academically. We must continue supporting parents who seek expanded educational opportunities for their children and are able to secure them through the assistance of this important program.”


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