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Eight-year-old Mical had a difficult home life while growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His father was in and out of his life and his mother gave up her parental rights because she struggled to take care of him. After living with a few different relatives, Mical’s great aunt, Martha, took custody over him. Due to his circumstances, Mical was so behind in school he was unable to read even though he was entering 2nd grade. He was assigned to a poor performing public school that was unable to meet his academic needs.

Martha then turned to the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program to receive a scholarship for Mical to attend Milwaukee’s Hope Christian School – a school she knew would offer a better environment for Mical and a chance for him to get the help he needed. Mical says that he used to get in trouble at school because he struggled. Since attending Hope Christian School, he says he listens to his teachers, does his homework, reads and has developed a love for learning. School choice has given Mical and many other students the opportunity for a drastic turnaround from someone who was set up to fail and become a statistic to someone well on their way to success.

Scott Jensen
Senior Government Affairs Advisor

Justin Moralez
Wisconsin Government Affairs Associate