Halli began her career as a middle school English teacher. While teaching, Halli spent her days exploring metaphors with eighth graders and her nights earning a master’s degree in secondary education from Loyola Marymount University.

Inspired by her students and angered by the inequities in her school, Halli left the classroom to earn her law degree with hopes of using policy change to provide low-income students of color with more access to quality schools.

As a student at The George Washington University Law School, Halli interned with the legal departments of the D.C. Public Schools and the New York City Department of Education. Since graduating from law school in 2011, Halli has advocated for both federal and state policies that create excellent schools for all students.

Today, as AFC’s Senior Director of State and Federal Policy, Halli supports our state teams in creating laws and policies to help families access quality schools. In her free time, Halli likes to write, teach yoga, and play with her daughter.

Email: hfaulkner@federationforchildren.org