School Choice Supporters Victorious in Wisconsin Elections

The American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, congratulates the candidates who support educational choice on their successes in today’s election in Wisconsin. The election results are in line with numerous public polls that have found strong, bipartisan support for school choice.
Statement from Justin Moralez, State Director for the Wisconsin Federation for Children:
“Since its inception nearly thirty years ago, we have seen parents freely exercise their right to options, and school choice programs continue to grow. It should come as no surprise that voters all across the state continue to reject candidates that want to strip those rights away from families and compromise the education of children. We look forward to working with Republicans and Democrats on their efforts to ensure that all children, regardless of zip code, have the best access to quality education.”
Wisconsin Federation for Children Election Highlights
·  SD 1 – André Jacque (R) – Challenger – WIN
·  SD 17 – Howard Marklein (R) – Incumbent – WIN
·  AD 13 – Rob Hutton (R) – Incumbent – WIN
·  AD 14 – Matt Adamczyk (R) – Open seat – WIN
·  AD 42 – Jon Plumer (R) – Incumbent – WIN
·  AD 51 – Todd Novak (R) – Incumbent – WIN
·  AD 62 – Robert Wittke (R) – Open seat – WIN
·  AD 85 – Pat Snyder (R) – Incumbent – WIN
·  AD 92 – Treig Pronschinske (R) – Incumbent – WIN
·  AD 96 – Loren Oldenburg (R) – Open seat – WIN
AFC’s in-state committee, the American Federation for Children Action Fund – Wisconsin IE Committee supported the following champions of school choice who won their election based upon results posted by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel at the time of release:
André Jacque (R) defeated Caleb Frostman, who he lost to in the special election held in June. Jacque, who has been a staunch supporter of parental choice having used the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program himself, now moves from the Assembly to the Senate.
Despite representing a left leaning district, Sen. Howard Marklein (R) returns as the Senator for the 17th District, defeating Kriss Marion by a substantial margin.
Rep. Rob Hutton (R) defeated his challenger, Dennis McBride. McBride has been radical about denying educational options to parents and their children and lost 52% – 48%
Matt Adamczyk (R) replaces former State Representative Dale Kooyenga in a close race.  Adamczyk leaves his position as State Treasurer that he has held since 2014.
Jon Plumer (R) once again defends his seat that he won in the special election held in June.  Plumer, a Lodi business owner aims to bring fresh perspective and leadership to the assembly.
Rep. Todd Novak (R) narrowly defeated two-time opponent, Jeff Wright. Rep. Novak has been one of the most independent state representatives and has been rewarded by his constituents for another term.
Robert Wittke (R) won the open seat for the 62nd Assembly District by a healthy margin.  Wittke, the President of the Racine Unified School District Board of Education, has made investing into K-12 education and opportunities a priority.
Rep. Pat Snyder (R) secured his second term through building good will and rapport with the community. He defeated Alyson Leahy, a first-time candidate who ran for the State Assembly just weeks after being elected to the Marathon County Board.
Volunteer firefighter and incumbent State Representative Treig Pronschinske (R) won reelection over Rob Groves 55% -45%.
Loren Oldenburg will replace retiring State Representative Lee Nerison to be the new 96th District Assembly person.
The American Federation for Children is the nation’s leading school choice advocacy organization and works in states across the country to help secure additional, high-quality educational options for families.


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