School Choice Supporters Victorious in Oklahoma Legislative Races

The American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, congratulates the school choice candidates in Oklahoma who were elected in the Nov. 3 general election.

Statement from Jennifer Carter, Oklahoma Senior Advisor for the American Federation for Children:

“Due to the continued closure of many schools to in-person learning, parental support for school choice is growing in Oklahoma, and that demand is translating into the election of more candidates from both political parties who support giving parents a greater array of educational options. Oklahoma has now seen several consecutive election cycles in which school-choice candidates gained ground and prevailed over opponents of school choice. There’s no stronger sign of public support for school choice than the ballot box.”

Statement from John Schilling, President, American Federation for Children:

“We are seeing repeatedly in national and state polls that the vast majority from all different ethnicities, political backgrounds, and income levels support school choice. We are living in a time when COVID school closures are forcing a massive shift in the nation’s outdated education system and parents of school-aged children are demanding more options to ensure their children have access to a full-time, quality education. Congratulations to all of the school choice champions who won in Oklahoma’s General Election, they truly listened to the needs of Oklahoma families! We look forward to these elected State Senators and Representatives continuing the fight to give lower income and special needs students every school choice option.”


The American Federation for Children is pleased to congratulate the following school choice champions who were supported by the Oklahoma Federation for Children Action Fund and won election in this year’s primaries and general election based upon results posted at the time of release:

HD 3 – Rick West
HD 20 – Sherrie Conley
HD 29  – Kyle Hilbert
HD 40 – Chad Caldwell
HD 52 – Gerrid Kendrix
HD 65  – Toni Hasenbeck
HD 83  – Eric Roberts
HD 90  – Jon Echols
HD 99 – Ajay Pittman

SD 1 – Micheal Bergstrom
SD 15  – Rob Standridge
SD 17 – Shane Jett
SD 28 – Zack Taylor
SD 37 – Cody Rogers
SD 39 – Dave Rader
SD 47 – Greg Treat

Other school-choice supporters who have won election include
HD 11  – Wendi Stearman
HD 28 – Danny Williams
HD 43 – Jay Steagall
HD 55 – Todd Russ
HD 64 – Rande Worthen
HD 95 – Max Wolfley
HD 96 – Preston Stinson

Not only did 23 school choice candidates win, but six incumbent opponents of choice were ousted this election cycle. The one common thread of incumbents losing in 2020 is that they opposed giving parents the right to choose the best educational opportunities for their children.

“The American Federation for Children is proud to see the number of candidates who champion a range of high-quality educational options for each and every child regardless of zip code, including everything from better public schools to homeschooling to charter schools to private schools,” Carter said. “Our congratulations go to these winners who are proving themselves committed allies of Oklahoma families.”