School Choice Supporters Victorious in Florida Legislative Races

The Florida Federation for Children congratulates the winning candidates who support educational choice on their successes in Florida’s 2020 General Election. Tonight’s election results are in line with numerous political polls that have found strong support for school choice.

Statement from John Kirtley, Co-Chairman of Florida Federation for Children:

“The results of tonight’s election confirm what we have known for a long time – parents want leaders who will empower low income and working class families to choose the best educational environments for their children. We are living in a time when the emergence of COVID has forced us to think differently about how we educate our students, and that has caused parents to demand more educational options than ever before. Congratulations to all the educational choice champions who were successful in their General Election contests. We look forward to working with them to ensure that all families have the option to choose the educational environment that works best for their children. I would like to thank our donors and my Co-Chair, Jon Hage, for their great work and support.”


The Florida Federation for Children is pleased to congratulate the following candidates that were supported by the Florida Federation for Children PAC:

HD 15 – Wyman Duggan

HD 21 – Chuck Clemons

HD 26 – Elizabeth Fetterhoff

HD 27 – Barnaby Webster

HD 28 – David Smith

HD 29 – Scott Plakon

HD 42 – Fred Hawkins

HD 50 – Rene Plasencia

HD 53 – Randy Fine

HD 58 – Lawrence McClure

HD 60 – Jackie Toledo

HD 62 – Susan Valdes

HD 67 – Chris Latvala

HD 69 – Linda Chaney

HD 72 – Fiona McFarland

HD 77 – Mike Giallombardo

HD 78 – Jenna Persons

HD 84 – Dana Trabulsy

HD 89 – Michael Caruso

HD 92 – Patricia Hawkins-Williams

HD 103 – Tom Fabricio

HD 105 – David Borrero

HD 114 – Demi Cabrera

HD 115 – Vance Aloupis

HD 118 – Anthony Rodriguez

SD 9 – Jason Brodeur

SD 37 – Ileana Garcia*

SD 39 – Ana Maria Rodriguez

*Garcia currently leads in the race, will go to a recount.