School Choice Supporters Victorious in Alabama Elections

The American Federation for Children, the nation’s leading voice for educational choice, congratulates educational choice supporting candidates on their successes today. AFC’s in-state committee, Alabama Federation for Children Political Action Committee (ALFC PAC) invested in six General Election races. Nine ALFC PAC-endorsed candidates were successful in the 2018 Primary or General elections. These victorious candidates from all over the state represent strong support of educational choice for Alabama families.
Statement from Michael Joffrion, Alabama State Director for the American Federation for Children: 
“Tonight’s results send a clear message – Alabama voters strongly support candidates who embrace educational choice and innovation for families in our state. During this election cycle, Alabama voters overwhelmingly preferred candidates who supported educational choice. Parental choice was a key issue and the results reveal the importance of protecting the families participating in school choice and expanding educational choice throughout Alabama so more families can choose what’s best for their children.”
ALFC PAC 2018 Election Wins

  • HD 3 – Andrew Sorrell (R)
  • HD 4 – Parker Moore (R)
  • HD 7 – Proncey Robertson (R)
  • HD 8 – Terri Collins (R)
  • HD 10 – Mike Ball (R)
  • HD 38 – Debbie Wood (R)
  • HD 45 – Dickie Drake (R)
  • HD 74 – Dimitri Polizos (R)
  • HD 102 – Shane Stringer (R)

AFC’s in-state committee, the Alabama Federation for Children PAC, supported the following champions:
Terri Collins, a Republican and Chairwoman of the Education Policy Committee, defeated Democrat Billy Jackson by receiving 62% of the vote. Rep. Collins is a key supporter of educational choice in Alabama.
Andrew Sorrell, a young Republican and passionate defender of educational choice was able to flip HD 3 from a Democrat seat to a Republican seat by defeating Chad Young with 53% of the vote.
Debbie Wood, whom ALFC PAC supported during the GOP primary and runoff, defeated Democrat Brian McGee with 69% of the vote.
Republican incumbents Mike BallDickie Drake, and Dimitri Polizos were also able to win reelection by defeating their Democratic counterparts. ALFC PAC-supported Shane Stringer did not have an opponent in the general election.
The American Federation for Children is the nation’s leading school choice advocacy organization and works in states across the country to help secure additional, high-quality educational options for families.


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