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School Choice Supporters Advance in Idaho Races

The American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, congratulates the following successful candidates supported by the Idaho Federation for Children PAC on their advancement to the general election: Raul Labrador, Sage Dixon, Jordan Redman, Jaron Crane, and John Vander Woude, with Judy Boyle currently leading in a very tight race.  The Idaho Federation for Children PAC invested $200,000 in state races to support school choice proponents during the 2022 election cycle.
Statement from Tommy Schultz, CEO, American Federation for Children: 
“Children in Idaho deserve more freedom and opportunity in education. Tuesday’s successful candidates are the school choice champions we need in all levels of government—men and women willing to put families first by passing high-quality private school choice programs and growing the state’s successful charter school program.”

  • Attorney General – Raul Labrador
  • HD 1B – Sage Dixon
  • HD 3B – Jordan Redman
  • HD 12B – Jaron Crane
  • HD 22A – John Vander Woude
  • Judy Boyle of HD 9B is likely headed to a recount


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