School Choice Supporter Kendon Underwood Victorious in Arkansas Election

The American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, congratulates Kendon Underwood, a strong supporter of educational choice, on his victory in Tuesday’s Primary Runoff election in Arkansas.
Statement from Ryan Cantrell, Director of State Teams and Elections:
“Kendon Underwood wasn’t afraid to make school choice and educational freedom one of the defining issues of his campaign, and the voters in House District 90 rewarded him for his commitment to allowing parents the freedom to choose the educational environment that works best for their child. We also want to thank Lt. Governor Tim Griffin and the countless other school choice supporters for their efforts to help get Kendon across the finish line. AFC was proud to assist them in their efforts.
“Just as voters held Jana Della Rosa accountable for her numerous votes to deny educational freedom to families in Arkansas, this election should serve as a warning to other elected officials: either stand with the education special interests and entrenched bureaucracy in Little Rock, or stand with Arkansas families who vote in their respective districts – and then win at the ballot box.”


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