School Choice Proponents Prevail in Alabama Primary Election


The American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, congratulates pro-educational choice candidates for their successes during yesterday’s primary election in Alabama.
AFC engaged in several key races, supporting candidates with a commitment to defending and advancing a family’s right to educational options, regardless of party.
Statement from Michael Joffrion, Government Affairs Advisor for American Federation for Children: 
“The American Federation for Children is committed to supporting candidates who believe in parents’ right to choose the best education for their children. Yesterday’s victories show, once again, that voters will reward candidates who stand with parents and share their vision for excellent schools for all children.”
Primary Election Results: 
AFC’s state-based affiliate, the Alabama Federation for Children PAC (ALFC PAC) endorsed candidates who believe that parents are best at determining what educational environment is right for their child.  Four ALFC PAC endorsed candidates advanced to the general election.
Statement regarding Jelani Coleman’s loss to incumbent Prince Chestnut in House District 67:
“Though Democrat Jelani Coleman was unsuccessful in his challenge to incumbent Prince Chestnut in House District 67, we unabashedly supported him because we strongly believe that the true ideals of parental school choice are indeed nonpartisan. It’s my hope that even more Democrats will publicly support the thousands of parents in Alabama who choose these options every day for their children.”
Additional ALFC PAC Election Highlights:

  • HD 3 – Andrew Sorrell, advances to general election
  • HD 4 – Parker Moore, advances to general election
  • HD 38 – Debbie Wood, advances to the runoff
  • HD 105 – Chip Brown, advances to the general election



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