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A Night of Big Wins for School Choice in Texas Primary Elections

The American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, celebrated a night of big wins for school choice in Texas. The legislative candidates backed by Texas Federation for Children PAC (TFC PAC) were resoundingly victorious in Tuesday’s primary elections while forcing two GOP incumbents TFC PAC challenged because they opposed school choice into a runoff. With an investment of nearly two hundred thousand dollars, TFC PAC engaged in eight races throughout the state advancing seven school choice candidates, winning or leading in four races with three heading into a runoff. Tuesday’s results in Texas reflect a national trend as Republican primary voters continue to make their voices heard in support of educational freedom.
Republican Primary voters also overwhelmingly approved a school choice ballot proposition Tuesday night with 88% voting in support. This is the third time in recent years that a school choice ballot proposition was strongly supported in the Republican primary.
Statement from Mandy Drogin, Texas State Director for the American Federation for Children: 
“Texas Republican primary voters are sending a strong message to Austin that educational freedom must be at the forefront of their agenda next legislative session. For too long, the largest Republican state in the country has looked on as states like Florida expanded school choice for their students. If the Lone Star State is to maintain its reputation as the beacon of individual liberty and economic growth, providing its future workforce with the best educational options must become a priority.
“Tonight’s primary wins, coupled with a ballot initiative overwhelmingly reaffirming school choice as a key tenet of the Republican Party platform, show Texas voters are demanding their representatives support education freedom. Unfortunately, there are still too many legislators who have not gotten the message. With this rebuke of two incumbents tonight, the message should be very clear: legislators need to get right with their voters or get sent home.”
TFC PAC actively supported the following pro-school choice legislative incumbents who won outright:

  • State Representative Steve Toth in House District 15
  • State Representative Ryan Guillen in House District 31
  • State Representative Valoree Swanson in House District 150

TFC PAC actively supported the following pro-school choice legislative incumbent who is heading to a runoff:

  • State Representative Stephanie Klick in House District 91


TFC PAC actively supported State Representative Harold Dutton in House District 142, who is currently ahead in a close head-to-head race. (Update: March 4, 2022: Dutton has won his race.)

TFC PAC actively opposed the following anti-school choice legislative incumbents and forced them into the runoff:

  • State Representative Kyle Kacal in House District 12
  • State Representative Glenn Rogers in House District 60


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