School Choice Candidates Victorious in Oklahoma

The American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, congratulates the school choice candidates in Oklahoma who won primary runoff races in Tuesday’s elections.
Statement from Jennifer Carter, Oklahoma Senior Advisor for the American Federation for Children:
“The election results underscore, once again, that Oklahomans will vote for candidates who support their right to choose the best educational opportunities for their children. At a time when many traditional public schools are no longer offering even basic in-person instruction, the public appetite for a larger menu of educational options is growing. Tonight’s election continues a longstanding pattern—candidates who support greater parental choice in education win.”
Winning candidates who support giving parents increased school-choice options included the following:

  • Cheryl Baber, a Tulsa attorney, won a hard-fought primary runoff in the Tulsa-based Senate District 35.
  • Preston Stinson, a small-business owner, won the primary runoff in House District 96, located in the Oklahoma City metro. Because he faces no general election opponent, Stinson will be the next House member for HD 96.
  • Shane Jett, a former member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, won the primary runoff in the Shawnee-based Senate District 17. Jett defeated incumbent Sen. Ron Sharp, who has been one of the Legislature’s most vocal critics of school choice.

“The Oklahoma Federation for Children Action Fund is proud to support candidates who champion a range of high-quality educational options for each and every child regardless of zip code, including everything from better public schools to homeschooling to charter schools to private schools,” Carter said. “Our congratulations go to these winners who are proving themselves committed allies of Oklahoma families.”
The Oklahoma Federation for Children Action Fund supported the following school choice champions who have won their elections or advanced to the general based upon results posted at the time of release:
SD 1 – Micheal Bergstrom
SD 17 – Shane Jett
SD 28 – Zack Taylor
HD 3 – Rick West
HD 20 – Sherrie Conley
HD 40 – Chad Caldwell
HD 52 – Gerrid Kendrix
HD 99 – Ajay Pittman


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