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School Choice Boyz Meet With Former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos

This past week at Freedom Fest,
Nathan Cunneen and Walter Blanks, Jr. had the wonderful opportunity to interview Secretary Betsy DeVos about her book and the vital impact that advocacy has on education reform.

Secretary DeVos has been a longtime champion for education freedom and has dedicated her life and career to ensuring every child has access to the education environment that works best for them. In her book, she highlights how students have been held hostage within the education system and the only way to free the hostages is through education freedom.

At American Federation for Children, Walter has had the honor of working closely with her – both while she was in office and since. As a school choice beneficiary, he has always been inspired by her ability to put students first with both grace and grit.

Education freedom is the key that can unlock unlimited potential in the life of a child. Check out the School Choice Boyz interview, and be sure to sign the Education Freedom Pledge today.


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