AFC Statements on the Passing of Rev. Dwight Montgomery

“Our organization is devastated to hear the news of the passing of Rev. Dwight Montgomery, a dear friend to our movement and to many of us personally. He was a pastor first – a shepherd to his community and a courageous champion for civil rights, the disadvantaged, and for the families seeking better educational opportunities for their children. Numerous community leaders have rightly praised his leadership in bridging ideological divisions and his ability to inspire public service. Having worked closely with him for so many years, we offer his family, his congregation, and the greater Memphis community our heartfelt prayers and deepest sympathy.”
– Lee Barfield, board member of the American Federation for Children
“Rev. Dwight Montgomery was a titan of the civil rights movement, and gave a voice to so many who felt disenfranchised across Memphis and in underprivileged neighborhoods and communities beyond Tennessee. He continued that important work each day until his tragic passing. He was a pastor who was willing to publicly stand firm in his convictions and provide hope to those in need. I will miss my friend Rev. Montgomery dearly, and offer my condolences to his family, and to his family in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Annesdale Cherokee Missionary Baptist Church.”
– Kevin P. Chavous, founding board member and executive counsel for the American Federation for Children

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