Proposed North Carolina budget seeks to expand funding for school choice program

By Krista Carney
Even more North Carolina children could have access to a great education through school choice and the state’s Opportunity Scholarship Program if a budget proposed in the state Senate passes. Yesterday, North Carolina Senate leadership walked through a new budget, which would increase funding for the school choice program each year reaching $145 million by the 2027-28 school year. Also over 20,000 children will be added to the program over the next ten years.
The North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship program was passed in 2013 and grants scholarship to K-12 students who come from low-income families. Demand has always been high for the program with over 8,000 applications submitted for over 3,000 spots for this school year, according Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina, an ally of AFC.
The increase in funding incrementally over time will help to meet the demand from families across the state seeking quality educational options for their children.
The legislature should side with parents and students who are looking to attend a quality school that meets their individual needs. Every child deserves a world class education, and while the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship Program currently provides thousands of students that opportunity, the program should be expanded and continue to expand to give every child the chance to succeed.


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