Tax Credit for Low Income Students Scholarship Program

Program Information

  • STC
  • Program Type: Scholarship Tax Credit Program, Means Tested, Failing Schools, Corporate

Student Participation

  • Family income cannot exceed 100% of the federal poverty guideline ($25,100 for a family of four in 2018)
  • Student must:
    • Have attended a Title I Focus School or Title I Priority School (failing school); or
    • Be younger than 6 years old when first seeking a scholarship
  • Must be nonpublic elementary or secondary school located in Kansas
  • Use at least 90% of contributions for scholarships within 36 months of receiving the contributions
  • Issue a receipt prescribed by the Secretary of Revenue to any contributing taxpayer
  • Receive written verification from the State Board of Education that a student is eligible prior to awarding an educational scholarship for students previously enrolled in a public school
  • Report to the State Board of Education all students receiving a scholarship
  • Ensure that qualified schools receiving scholarships are in compliance with the requirements of the program
  • Have its accounts examined and audited by a certified public accountant at the end of each calendar year for verification that the education scholarships that were awarded were distributed to the eligible students, and file a copy of the audit with the State Board of Education
  • Submit annually to the state (via a report approved by a certified public accountant):
    • Names and addresses of eligible students receiving an educational scholarship from the SGO
    • Total number and dollar amount of contributions received during the preceding year
    • Total number and dollar amount of educational scholarships awarded in the preceding year
  • SGOs receiving more than $50,000 in donations annually must provide the State Board of Education a surety bond or financial information demonstrating the SGO’s ability to pay the amount expected to be received during the school year

Data Update

Schools Participating
SGOs Operating
2016 Donations


Scholarship Cap
- $8,000
Tax Credit Value
- 70 percent of donation
Donor Tax Credit Cap
- 100% of state income tax liability not to exceed $500,000 donation ($350,000 credit)
Statewide Cap
- $10 million