Succeed Scholarship Program

Program Information

  • V
  • Program Type: Voucher Program, Special Needs Program

Student Participation

  • Student must:
    • Have been accepted for admission into an eligible private school; and
    • Have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Act; or
    • Be a child in foster care; or
    • Have attended public school for at least one full academic year (a waiver is available and dependents of active-duty military are exempt from this requirement)
  • Meet accreditation requirements set by the State Board of Education, the Arkansas Nonpublic School Accrediting Association or its successor or another accrediting association recognized by the State Board of Education as providing services to severely disabled individuals; schools that have begun the accreditation process can participate as long as they are accredited within four years
  • Demonstrate fiscal soundness by having been in operation for one school year or provide the department with a statement by a certified public accountant confirming that the private school is insured and that it has sufficient capital or credit to operate in the upcoming school year (in lieu of a statement, a surety bond or letter of credit for the amount equal to the scholarship funds for any quarter may be filed with the department)
  • Comply with the federal antidiscrimination provisions of 42 U.S.C. §2000d
  • Meet state and local health and safety requirements
  • Be accountable academically to parents for meeting the educational needs of the student
  • Administer annually a nationally recognized norm-referenced test as established by the State Board of Education
    • A student with an IEP that provides for an exemption to standardized testing is not required to take the test; however, schools shall annually prepare a portfolio that provides information on a student’s progress to the student’s parents if a student is exempt from standardized testing
  • Comply with all state laws and regulations governing private schools
  • Adhere to the tenets of its published disciplinary procedures before expulsion of a participating student

Data Update

Schools Participating
2016 Expenditures


Scholarship Cap
- Whichever is less:
-- Foundation funding amount for the current school year
-- Tuition and fees of a private school
Enrollment Cap
- The State Board of Education adopted a rule that limits the program to 100 students for the first year of implementation (the 2016–17 school year)
Program Funding
- None specified in the law