Rhode Island Corporate Scholarship Tax Credit

Program Information

  • STC
  • Program Type: Scholarship Tax Credit Program, Means Tested, Corporate

Student Participation

  • Family income cannot exceed 250% of the federal poverty guideline ($62,750 for a family of four in 2018)
  • Comply with federal and state nondiscrimination laws
  • Meet state health and safety codes
  • Require teachers to have bachelor’s degrees
  • Conduct teacher background checks
  • Use at least 90% of contributions for scholarships
  • Provide annual report to the state detailing the number and value of scholarships awarded, residential ZIP codes of scholarship recipients and criteria used to award scholarships
    • Awards scholarships to eligible students without limiting availability to only students of one school

Data Update

Scholarships Awarded
Schools Participating
SGOs Operating
2016 Donations


Scholarship Cap
- None
Tax Credit Value
- 75 percent of one-year donation
- 90 percent of two-year donation that is 80% or more of the amount of the first-year donation
Donor Tax Credit Cap
- $100,000
Statewide Cap
- $1.5 million