Racine Parental Choice Program

Program Information

  • V
  • Program Type: Voucher Program, Means Tested

Student Participation

  • Student must live in the Racine Unified School District
  • Family income below 300 percent of the federal poverty guidelines ($73,800 for a  family of four in 2018), with an additional $7,000 allowed for households with married parents
  • Student must be enrolled in public school in the Racine Unified School District the previous school year; be entering school for the first time or be applying to attend kindergarten, first grade or ninth grade at a participating private school
  • Homeschooled students are also eligible
  • Meet state nondiscrimination policies
  • Meet health and safety codes
  • Admit eligible students on a random basis
  • Allow students to opt out of religious programs
  • Administer to scholarship recipients the Wisconsin Forward exam for science in grades 4 and 8; social studies in grades 4, 8 and 10; and English language arts and math in grades 3–8
  • Administer to scholarship recipients in high school the ACT suite of assessments and a civics test comprised of the same 100 questions that may be asked of an individual during the process of applying for U.S. citizenship by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Receive accreditation within three years of participating in the program
  • Submit to the state an annual financial audit conducted by a certified public accountant
  • Provide the state evidence of sound fiscal practices and financial viability
  • Require school administrators to undergo financial training and to have at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education or a Wisconsin teacher or administrator license
  • Require teachers to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education or a Wisconsin license, and require teacher aides to have a high school diploma, a GED or an HSED
  • Provide the state with information about the academic program at the participating schools and student test score data

Data Update

Scholarships Awarded
Schools Participating
2016 Expenditures


Scholarship Cap
- $7,530 (for K–8)
- $8,176 (for 9–12)
- Each year, the scholarship cap will increase by a percentage equal to the percentage increase given to Wisconsin public schools
Enrollment Cap
- None
Program Funding
- $22.3 million