Parent Refundable Tax Credits

Program Information

  • ITT
  • Program Type: Individual Tuition Tax Credit, Failing Schools
  • Eligibility: Failing schools

Student Participation

  • Student must be enrolled or assigned to attend a failing school (labeled as persistently failing by the State Department of Education, designated as failing by the State Superintendent of Education or listed three or more times in the past six years in the lowest 6% of public schools on the state assessment)
  • Certiļ¬cation that the student was enrolled in or assigned to attend a failing school, certiļ¬cation that the student was transferred to a non-failing public or private school, and proof of the cost of attendance at the non-failing public or private school

Data Update

Taxpayers Participating
2017 Tax Credits Refunded


Tax Credit Value
- Whichever is less:
-- 80 percent of average state per-pupil funding
-- Tuition and fees