Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program

Program Information

  • V
  • Program Type: Voucher Program, Special Needs Program

Student Participation

  • Student must:
    • Be identified as a child with a disability by the school district
    • Have an Individualized Education Program (IEP)
    • Be in compliance with the state compulsory attendance law
  • Private school students are also eligible
  • Be registered to participate and chartered by the state
  • Comply with state nondiscrimination laws
  • Meet health and safety standards
  • Submit in writing to the parents of the qualified student a profile of the provider’s special education program, including methods of instruction that will be utilized to provide services to the child and the qualifications of teachers, instructors and other persons who will provide services to the child
  • Administer and report the results of the state’s tests, including the Ohio Graduation Test, unless the student is excused from taking that assessment under federal law or the student’s IEP
  • Have properly credentialed staff
  • Be an educational program approved by the state
  • Provide record of the implementation of the IEP of each qualified student enrolled in the school, including evaluation of the child’s progress to the school district
  • Submit to the state information on the type and cost of special education services given to scholarship recipients

Data Update

Schools/Providers Participating
2017 Expenditures


Scholarship Cap
- Whichever is less:
-- Tuition/IEP related services
-- Student’s per-pupil special education funding amount based on disability, with a cap of $27,000
Enrollment Cap
- No more than 5 percent of Ohio students identified as children with disabilities during the previous fiscal year (approximately 12,000 scholarships)
Program Funding
- No specific program appropriation