Individualized Education Account Program

Program Information

  • ESA
  • Program Type: Education Savings Account Program, Special Needs Program

Student Participation

  • Student must:
    • Have one of following disabilities: autism, deaf-blindness, developmental delay, hearing impairments, intellectual disability, orthopedic impairments, traumatic brain injury or visual impairments
    • Have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) in effect
  • Have been previously enrolled in a public school during the two semesters preceding the semester in which the student receives an individualized education account (IEA), be attending a public school for the first time, or have received an IEA in the previous school year
  • Parent must sign an agreement promising to:
    • Provide an education for the student in at least the subjects of reading, grammar, math, social studies and science
    • Not enroll the student in a public school and to release the IEA from all obligations to educate the student
    • Use program funds only for authorized purposes
    • Ensure that the student, if in grades 3–8, takes all appropriate standardized tests, either a nationally norm-referenced test identified by the Tennessee Department of Education or the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) tests
  • Comply with health and safety laws
  • Certify that the school will not discriminate against students or applicants on the basis of race, color or national origin
  • Conduct criminal background checks on employees and exclude from employment any person not permitted by state law to work in a nonpublic school and any person who might reasonably pose a threat to the safety of students

Data Update

Scholarships Awarded
Schools Participating
2017 Expenditures


Scholarship Cap
- 100 percent of the per-pupil state and local funds generated and required through the basic education program (BEP) for the school that the student is zoned to attend plus the special education funds from the BEP that the participating student would otherwise be entitled to under his or her particular IEP
Enrollment Cap
- None
Program Funding
- No specific program appropriation